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Class Descriptions

Our regularly scheduled, recurring yoga classes.


Classes marked Flow will combine postures (asanas) with conscious breathing (pranayama) linking the asanas together dynamically. Vinyasa Flow classes will challenge your endurance, flexibility and strength.

Classes designated as All Levels will incorporate a range of levels into the practice. Modifications will be available, if the need arises, along with opportunities to intensify throughout the practice.

GENTLE YOGA (All Levels)

A slower paced class with gentle transitions between asanas that allows you more time to savor the poses while still encouraging movement.


Using props and the walls for support, in this class you will practice correct alignment and learn how to get deeper into the postures.

YIN YOGA (All Levels)

A slow-paced, meditative style of yoga that provides balance to the more active (yang) styles. Focus is mainly on the lower spine, inner thighs, hips, & pelvis. Poses are achieved using supports, like bolsters, blankets, & blocks, and are held from 1 minute to over 5 minutes. While practicing, you will focus on your breath while the deep connective tissues of the body are released resulting in stronger ligaments and increased flexibility.

YOGA (All Levels)

A well rounded, hour long yoga class that includes a variety of asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath).

GENTLE YOGA - Donation Based (All Levels)

A slower paced class with gentle transitions between asanas that allows you more time to savor the poses while still encouraging movement.

Suggested donation: $10
Members: Free


This class incorporates a wide range of postures, including sun salutations and seated stretches, with a focus on pranayama (breath awareness) and offers cues and modifications to help you maintain proper alignment.

Level I classes are designed for the beginning or continuing student who wants to improve their knowledge of yoga postures and breathing practices. Additionally, Level I classes can easily be modified to allow you to customize your practice as we encourage you to honor your body.


Inwardly focused, this class starts as a traditional yin practice with long held floor poses to stretch not just muscles, but connective tissue like joints and ligaments. Followed by gentle movement, this class also explores aspects of meditation.


A slower paced class that will target specific muscle groups to strengthen and stabilize the body. This pace will allow you the time to learn how to engage the proper muscle groups to pull you through each movement.

HATHA W/CORE (Level 1)

Classes designated as Hatha unite longer, statically held poses (asanas) with conscious breathing (pranayama) and will develop your strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. Incorporated into this class is a heavy emphasis on core strengthening.

SLOW FLOW (Level 2)

This class will build strength as you move through your vinyasa at a much slower pace as compared to our other Vinyasa Flow classes allowing you to challenge your endurance and stamina.

Classes marked Level 2 are intended for the intermediate yoga student. They are designed to challenge and develop the practitioner's strength, flexibility, and mental clarity.


An hour long vigorous yoga flow class that is designed for those students that desire a strong, movement based practice.

VINYASA FLOW (Level 2-3)

This class offers a faster paced flow that challenges endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Classes marked Level 2-3 are for the strong-intermediate to advanced yoga student. Knowledge of advanced postures and breathing practices should already be a part of your practice, as these classes will be a challenge to one's endurance.

HATHA YOGA (Level 2-3)

This class offers a more intense challenge while building strength, flexibility, endurance, and mental clarity as you practice combining longer, static poses (asanas) with conscious breathing (pranayama).

MEDITATION - Donation based

Beginning with softly guided mindfulness based meditation leading to a portion of silence, students learn how to pull their attentions inwards, working to bring awareness to the subtle sensations within the body to quiet the mind.

Suggested donation: $10
Members: Free


Recommended for beginners and those who are looking to improve their technique. You will learn belly dance postures, the technique of different movements, and combinations.


Prerequisite : Bellydance Technique
For those with previous belly dance experience. You will learn choreographed dances and have the opportunity to perform at local festivals if you complete all the choreography classes.